About Us

Our founder Osman Effendi was born in 1850 in Kayseri. He began to work as apprentice to Hasan Aga, the famous master of sweets, at the age of 12. He learned his art from Hasan Aga and after 17 years of training he became a master and moved to Istanbul to produce and sell varieties of traditional Ottoman sweets. He started his own shop in Istanbul’s famous Pera district in 1879, where he offered varieties of Turkish Delight and Baklavas. His principles, talent and dedication to his work brought him the success in years and his family kept these principles and dedication for generations. The store name is changed to Osmanlizadeler, meaning “Sons of Ottoman” by family to commemorate Osman Effendi and Ottoman Empire.

Today with our history of over a century, we continue to produce the best and most delicious sweets in Turkey with our secrets dating back to one and a half centuries ago. We are proud to be the manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers of great tastes to whole world.